About Us

Our Culture

Who we are


 We are a come as you are CrossFit gym. We recognize that everyone has different goals and that changes in life happen when we choose to get uncomfortable. We provide a caring and safe environment and honor each day as a new beginning to become the best versions of ourselves possible.

We live by the DeNovo theory and encourage and inspire others to do the same.

Why what we do matters


 There are too many CrossFit stereotypes and confusing health messages out there keeping people from realizing their full potential both mentally and physically. Many people sit for too long throughout the day, invest in ineffective workouts and do not know how to properly fuel their bodies for life. Through simplistic and realistic education, we want to help you improve your relationships, sleep, fitness, nutrition and overall happiness. We want people to set their hesitations aside, embrace camaraderie, and surprise themselves every day both inside and outside of the gym.

What we value the most


 We believe the intimidation factor of CrossFit is REAL and it is our responsibility to help you feel safe and welcome.

We believe in cultivating life-long relationships; the journey to a better self is more fun with friends who will keep you accountable and engaged!

We believe in the remarkable, untapped potential you have and are committed to helping you recognize and reach it.

What is DeNovo?