Business Memberships

DeNovo CrossFit offers several different membership options for business/corporation employees.  Employers will choose a specific class time and days per week (M/W/F or T/TH for example) they would like their employees to be able to attend class.  

This is an excellent way to support "corporate wellness" as well as overall camaraderie, health and productivity in the work place.  Let a few of our current business membership athletes tell you more...

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We have several different plans available for you and your employees.  Please submit your information below and we will respond as soon as possible to support you in you decision.

Jesse Laner (owner)


People that workout together, stay together.  It's a great bonding time for our company.  The camaraderie, the pain, and the joy of working out truly helps us maintain a wonderful culture.  Healthy body, healthy mind!

Travis Annameier


First and foremost, I love the workouts.  I have NEVER had a workout that I actually enjoyed and CrossFit is a lot of fun for me.  The community aspect of CrossFit is part of that experience as well.  Regarding the corporate membership, for me it was a way to try something that I had been curious about for a long time and an easy entry to that.  There is the obvious benefit of having a free membership available to me, but really I find that my business has excelled since regularly going to CrossFit.  The more regularly I go to workouts, the better I seem to do in business and in life. 

Mike Salza


I love that we get to workout with our friends from work and learn more about what they have going on in life.  We get to cheer for each other.  And when I'm gimping around the office with soreness, I get to look over and see if Travis is just as sore as I am.  I like having a consistent time where we get together.  Work schedules, meetings and the business of life keep us moving in different directions.  The consistency of our corporate membership let's us hang out without the distractions of work with the excuse of working out! And we all get stronger.