Member Of The Month

Member Of The Month is a prestigious designation awarded to someone who exemplifies what it means to be a DeNovo CrossFit athlete; someone in our community who lives by our Purpose and Values and honors the DeNovo Theory.

When choosing the Member Of The Month, we ask ourselves...

  • Who recognizes that changes in life happen when they choose to get uncomfortable?
  • Who supports us in fostering a caring environment and helps other athletes feel safe and welcome?
  • Who believes that every day is a new beginning in which they can work to be the best version of themselves possible?
  • Who believes in cultivating life-long relationships at DeNovo?
  • Who sets hesitations aside and works towards fulfilling their full potential and helping other athletes do the same?

Jed Emmons

How did you discover CrossFit?

A good friend thought I would like it and insisted that I try it out; they were right. 

What draws you to DeNovo CrossFit?

The leadership and the community. You’re going to find the same bars, boxes, and protein shakes at every gym. You are not going to find the same level of professionalism, devotion to athletes, inclusion, and camaraderie.  Also -- full disclosure -- the organization and matching wall balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. all scratch my OCD itch perfectly. 

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest CrossFit accomplishment is ‘staying in the game’ and continuous improvement.  I’m proud that I’ve been able to work through injuries -- both big and small, and still show up for WOD’s as much as I want to. Additionally, being able to do pistols better at age 38 than at 31 still amazes me.

My biggest accomplishment in life is marrying Sara. She’s everything someone could want in a partner with which to navigate this crazy world.

What is your pet peeve?

Waiting for street parking and the person in your spot takes more than 30 seconds to start their car, buckle up, and back out.  

If we are sitting here one year from now, what would we be celebrating?

Hopefully, we’ll be celebrating open gyms and bars inside six feet of one another.  

What is you favorite joke?


There’s an old bit about two fishermen in a boat that rarely lands but when it does, it kills…

What do you enjoy doing for fun and professionally?

Besides CrossFit, I enjoy mountain biking, road biking, camping, and a multitude of DIY projects.  Professionally, I’m an engineering manager for a manufacturing company in Windsor. 

What/Who inspires you?

Kindness. It’s all around and easily overlooked.  If you can train yourself to recognize it or intentionally seek it out, it can really brighten your day.  Even spotting the little things makes me want to get in on the act and it reinforces my faith in humanity. 

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

Favorite to do – bar muscle ups.

Favorite to try – snatches.

Favorite to watch – clean & jerk.

What are you currently reading?

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.  Not sure who wins yet. 

What advice do you have for someone who is nervous about joining DeNovo?

CrossFit can be intimidating.  Especially when walking in on Tish’s leg days (inside joke).  However, we want you to join probably more than you do.  I have yet to meet an athlete that doesn’t want to share their passion and provide advice, support, and encouragement where they can.  We’re all here because DeNovo brings something very positive, and personal, to each of our lives.  Whether that be social, mental, emotional, physical… it’s likely something different for all of us.  We want that same thing for you. 

Why the DeNovo Coaches chose Jed...

  • It makes me smile that Jed is inspired by kindness, because I consider Jed one of the kindest people I know.  Jed's quiet focus is really cool to witness in class- he pushes himself in such a humble way, and I think that inspires athletes to be strong and humble as well.  He welcomes athletes in with a hello and a smile and makes people feel very welcome.  He has thanked us and recognized us many times for our intentional culture and leadership, and I think that's because this is the way he likes to live life.  He doesn't make room for ego and often prioritizes other people's feelings first. We are lucky to have him at DeNovo! -Coach Jenny

  • Jed always has a positive attitude.  I appreciate that he is a part of the DeNovo community especially because he is friendly to everyone.  He is so great at making people feel welcome and comfortable. -Coach Jorine 

  • When I think of Jed, the first word that comes to mind is sincere.  He is always quick to ask how my day was and he's a great conversationalist and listener.  Not only that, but he continually challenges himself in the gym and is consistent, despite a seemingly demanding work schedule.  He's also very selfless; I could give a few examples but quite possibly my favorite is when I asked him what he was doing on his birthday and he said, "we're going to the humane society to walk dogs." I'll never forget that! -Coach Paige

  • Jed is so dedicated to the DeNovo community.  He comes to almost all of our events and is never afraid to help someone out in class.  He takes his own fitness just as seriously and is consistently on the Dedicated Crew or at least close to it.  I was so pumped to see him step up on short notice for one of our teams to be able to compete in a competition.  On top of his love for the gym, he's one of the nicest guys around and I love having him in class! - Coach Dylan