Member Of The Month

Member Of The Month is a prestigious designation awarded to someone who exemplifies what it means to be a DeNovo CrossFit athlete; someone in our community who lives by our Purpose and Values and honors the DeNovo Theory.

When choosing the Member Of The Month, we ask ourselves...

  • Who recognizes that changes in life happen when they choose to get uncomfortable?
  • Who supports us in fostering a caring environment and helps other athletes feel safe and welcome?
  • Who believes that every day is a new beginning in which they can work to be the best version of themselves possible?
  • Who believes in cultivating life-long relationships at DeNovo?
  • Who sets hesitations aside and works towards fulfilling their full potential and helping other athletes do the same?

Sara Emmons

How did you discover CrossFit?

I found out about CrossFit through Jed back when we lived in Denver. We tried a class together and promptly after that, I broke my collar bone. He continued and I stopped -- obviously. When we moved to Fort Collins, we began CrossFitting together again, years after my collar bone healed.

What draws you to DeNovo CrossFit?

Definitely the coaches -- they are amazing. I also love that it feels like a family here; it feels like an intimate space where we are spending time with family. 

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment in life is marrying Jed. I had a lot of emotional work I needed to do before I was able to make that choice, and that work changed my life in many, many ways.  

What is your pet peeve?

People who have closed minds, and who are incapable of having an open dialogue about controversial topics. An inability to see things from a new perspective. 

If we are sitting here one year from now, what would we be celebrating?

I’m hopeful that a year from now Jed and I will be celebrating a move into a new home that we picked out together.  

What do you enjoy doing for fun and professionally?

Jed and I spend a lot of time mountain biking together. We also love going to the Animal House (which is dog shelter) to volunteer and walk their dogs. I enjoy spending time outside with my pup!

Professionally, I work for the department of energy, under their energy efficiency and renewable energy (EERE) department. I just joined their project management coordination office. We work on program and project management process improvement for EERE. I also volunteer and sit on the board of directors with a group called “Colorado Clean Energy Education and Empowerment.” It’s focused on the growth and retention of women and clean energy jobs. We are working on an initiative this year called “She’s in Power.” I am committing almost a part time worthy amount of hours to it. We have a bunch of high school and college-aged women working on projects this year and it has been a really awesome experience. I’m serving as the project manager on that initiative. 

What/Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by any woman who is following her particular passion -- whatever it is that lights her up. Doing it in a way that is supportive and encouraging to other women as well.  

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

I really enjoy Power Cleans.

What are you currently reading?

 I’m reading a book called “City of Girls.” It was Elizabeth Gilbert’s most recent book. It’s a fiction novel and it was a really good book. She’s an amazing writer.  

What advice do you have for someone who is nervous about joining DeNovo?

I realize from the outside that it can appear very intimidating. Just know that CrossFit and DeNovo are such supportive and encouraging communities. They just want people to start wherever they’re at, even if that means you can’t do an air squat or push-up. It makes me think of my parents; my mom would thrive in this community but would be so intimidated to step foot in here.