Mobility Class/Yoga


Why should I take this class?

We ask A LOT of our muscles and joints in the sport of CrossFit.  Many people out there feel that CrossFit is dangerous because it "leads to injuries".  Unfortunately, if we do not give our bodies the love they deserve alongside our rigorous training, the chance of injuries IS going to be higher.  Anyone expecting to be a CrossFit athlete by solely doing the intense workouts without incorporating stretching or mobility as part of their training regimen, can also expect a poor rate of improvement as well as higher risk of injuries.  Recovery (rest) and ACTIVE recovery (mobility/yoga/low impact & low intensity training) is KEY!

What does this class entail?

Coach Jenny, 200 HR RYT Yoga Instructor, will lead you through a low key and beginner friendly yoga based class up on the Mobility Mezzanine at DeNovo CrossFit.  We focus on mobility, flexibility, balance and mind/body connection.  Classes include a wide variety of stretches and work on all body parts so as to support healthy joints, muscles and minds!

Class is offered on Tuesdays at 6:30pm and 2-3 weekends a month.  Please check our schedule page for up to date Mobility Class/Yoga class times. 

I am here to do CrossFit and sweat! I don't have time for yoga...

Improving flexibility and mobility can make you sweat! We promise :) It is not often easy or 'fun' work and it definitely takes some time and commitment; it will not be perfect right away, and this is why many athletes tend to get discouraged and give up.  Keep practicing, keep working through the stiffness and take it one day at a time.  You are investing in yourself and your well-being every day you get your flexibility and mobility work done.  Too much of one thing, in this case high intensity workouts, without a balance of self care and recovery can be detrimental and cause setbacks. 

What is flexibility and how can I improve it?


the ability of a muscle (soft tissues in our bodies that aid in force and motion) to lengthen.

To improve flexibility issues...

  • participate in yoga
  • do post-workout stretches (lengthening the muscle and holding the stretch)
  • incorporate active recovery days.  One of the worst thing we can do is do a workout and then do nothing the next day! 

We frequently require the stress and use of our muscles throughout our activities of daily living and in CrossFit.  When we workout, particularly with strength training, tiny tears/trauma occur to our muscles (this is how our muscles grow stronger and are able to adapt and prepare for what life throws at us.)  To aid in recovery and decrease soreness, stretching and improving our flexibility is vital!

What is mobility and how can I improve it?


the ability of a joint (connection between our bones) to move through full range of motion (ROM) actively.

To improve our mobility issues...

it is highly recommended to MOVE! And to move well/intentionally through full ROM.  Examples include:

  • Releasing our restricted or trapped muscles (think knots) with self-myofascial release techniques (lacrosse ball, foam roller and massage work). 
  • Working to improve our posture and core stability while moving through full ROM is an excellent way to improve our mobility. (intentional slow squats to full ROM, banded shoulder therapy, seated hip/knee rocks). 
  • Lastly, flexibility exercises can aid in better stretch!

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