Deb Linne


"CrossFit gives me the strength, endurance and energy to power through all of my activities outside of the gym."

Sarah Vendegna


"I love the coaches because of how motivational they all are and they don't put up with my BS (and I need people like that in my life).  And I love the constant challenge and push to improve."

Blake Knipple


"My favorite part of CrossFit is the group aspect.  I find that I push myself harder and have a lot more fun doing these workouts with other people rather than doing them alone.  Everyone pushes each other and for me, that has led to a lot of growth that I hadn't been able to achieve before.  

The community keeps me coming back for more.  Everyone is very caring and genuinely wants you to improve and enjoy yourself.  I've met a lot of amazing people that I wouldn't have met otherwise."

DeeDee Shoemaker


"My favorite thing about CrossFit is the people.  The coaches and community bring me back.  I love the people and enjoy being around them, they make me smile on my hardest days, want to be around them on my sad days and want to work hard with them each and every day.  When someone I love leaves (CrossFit), I think oh man, it will never be the same, but each new person brings a new smile, a new identity, a new set of strengths and weaknesses.  And they fill that spot of a friend that has moved on and become a new friend that I you are happy to know, grateful to cheer on and that makes you smile when they succeed.

And I NEED that hour of CrossFit for my sanity!! It is the only hour of my day that I am not stressed out, the only time I'm not thinking about the struggles in life."

Sara Emmons


 "I love events where we get to mix workouts with hanging out and food/drink.  I love Hero WOD's...circle time at the beginning of class-it allows us to get to know each other better.  

What keeps me coming back is the community...it is such an important thing, so the more i'm able to cultivate it in different areas of my life, the happier I am.  Jenny and Jorine and their positive and fun attitudes.  The social gatherings, the workouts that I enjoy doing, the ability to do something that makes me feel stronger...I enjoy and prefer weight training over different forms of working out like yoga.  And doing something with my husband that we can share and cheer each other on at."

Erin Pasold


"I like the mental break CrossFit gives me from a hard day or work.  My friends keep me coming back, along with all the sweets I like to eat."

Michael Zanotelli



"I love being challenged to do things that I never would have thought of doing a couple years ago...and of course doing it with an incredible group of people.  

I keep coming back for more because of the results and accomplishments since I started and to continue to hold back 'Father Time'!  Jenny and Jorine have changed my life!!"